Welcome to the Forest!

Hello, my name is Sean, and I’ve been writing stories and imaginative snippets for more than fifteen years. With the publication of The Crop-Duster’s Son I have entered the wide, wonderful (and sometimes weird) world of semi-professional, independent-but-wouldn’t-mind-making-it-big creative writing. I am also working on a semi-sequel, which will ideally be the first in a series—the Starship Halcyon chronicles!

Writing isn’t my only passion, not by a longshot. I also enjoy walking, cycling, archery, kayaking and whitewater rafting, gaming and computers, graphic arts, scale model building, stage theatre, and much much more! I also have quite strong feelings and principles regarding politics, society and culture, as well as the future of our planet and species. While these stances may come on strong at times, I am always open to discussion and honest debate—let it never be said that I turned away someone’s point just because I don’t agree with them. As such, I am a free-speech absolutist and radical centrist, as well as a classical liberal who believes in the open marketplace of ideas.

I can be found on Twitter, @GoodwoodAlpha, where I offer up small snippets of insight, and reply in kind. Sometimes I joke around and post memes.


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